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Joe Snyder Women Corfu Top White-OS




The Corfu Top offers a little something for the woman that wants more, coverage that is. It features a full triangle cup that leaves nearly everything to the imagination since nearly everything is covered. It also features strings that tie behind the neck and around the back making it comfortable for the woman wearing it. The Corfu Top is made from polyamide and spandex lycra which makes it snug and secure once it has been tied into place. It is perfect for the active woman that likes to be able to run and jump and have a top stay in place. There are an amazing assortment of bottoms available in the same twelve shades that this top comes in making it a great piece to have to build the perfect set. Anyone looking to have a nice sexy full coverage option will find that this is the perfect choice for them to have all of their needs met while being able to leave a lasting impression without having to show too much.