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14" SPRI Wobble Board

Improve your balance and coordination, strengthen your lower legs, and stabilize your ankles with this plastic round wobble board from SPRI. Wobble boards are ideal for home workout enthusiasts, as they let you perform several types of exercises. You can balance on the board while standing or sitting, a good workout for your ankles, calves, and abdominals. You can stand on the board with one or two legs while performing dumbbell curls or shoulder presses, both of which help strengthen your core muscles. Or you can put your hands on the wobble board and use it as a pushup platform. The board is versatile and lightweight, with a 14-inch top surface and a 4.5-inch non-skid beveled base that stands 2 inches high. It also comes with an instruction sheet that suggests several beginning exercises.
Length: 14 inch X Length: 142 inch X Length: 3 inch X