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2.25HP Folding Electric Motorized Treadmill-White


This portable treadmill is a perfect choice for family and office workout. The powerful 2.25 HP motor provides you with comfortable exercise experience which is very suitable for home and office use.

The speed can be adjusted from 1KM/H to 12 KM/H allowing users to choose different exercising state. Bluetooth speakers and mobile phone holders allow you to enjoy music or favorite movies during your workout. When you finish exercising the folding design and flexible wheels make it easy for you to store or move it from one room to another. In addition comfortable hand grips and non-slip belt protect you from falling down. Moreover with an easy one-touch operation you can monitor real-time data for each exercise including speed time calories distance and step.

If you are looking for this product don't hesitate to place an order!

  • Powerful 2.25 HP quiet motor significantly enhance sports effect
  • Connect the treadmill to your phone through Bluetooth to enjoy music
  • Fast set the speed to 5 KM/H or 8 KM/H
  • 5-layer shock-absorbing running belt reduces impact during sports
  • Built-in 4 flexible transport wheels make it easy to move and store
  • Safety key is used for emergency braking and can avoid safety accidents
  • Phone holder help you to enjoy movies while running
  • Integrated installation-free design makes it easy to use
  • 16.5'' widened running belt allows you to run freely
  • Rubber foot pads greatly reduce impact
  • LED display screen helps to monitor speed distance time step and calories in real-time