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43 Inch Indoor Outdoor Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop - Color: Black

Specifications: Material: PE (base & backboard); steel (rim & pole) Base stuffing: 66 lbs water and 88 lbs sands Rim diameter: 17.7" Adjustable height: 6.6'-10 Backboard dimension: 43" x 28" (L x H) Thickness of the backboard: 1.2" Base dimension: 43" x 20.5" x 4.7" (L x W x H) Unit weight: 47 lbs Notes: 1.When adjusting the height the holes (4 in the poles and 5 in the rim bracket) need to be aligned to the rotary knobs. 2.Please consider the weight capacity of base before dunking or playing basketball. 3.Before using please fill the base with water or sand fully.
Measurement: 45.08" x 29.13" x 6.69"

-Brand new and good quality.
-Standard rim and net size
-An inlet to add water or sand to the base for extra support
-Two wheels to make it convenient for moving
-Durable steel frame
-Includes hoop and net